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A book is the ultimate way to record your memories, a beautiful and lasting item that will be on the shelf long after your i-pad has gone. Just as your life is unique so we create books that are unique to you because everything is bespoke to your specification. Unlike other online book creators we never reuse templates or designs.

More than memories for you to relive from the coffee table a Tartan Pixie book is an experience in itself. From collecting your photographs together to seeing your ideas morph in to a coherent form to having a finished book in your hands, the journey is often as enjoyable as the finished book.

You can gift this journey to someone else with Pixie Vouchers or, if you’re ready to take the road to a bespoke book yourself then please see our order page.

Pricing From £50

To create a fully bespoke book please contact us for a free consultation and quote.

Prices start at as little as £50 for a small classic hardcover book with photographs arranged on coloured pages, however the magic of Tartan Pixie really starts when we get in to the unique design elements which can be chosen to suit any budget.

To make creating your book easier we have listed some popular design elements on the order page. Simply fill in the form and we will contact you to guide you through the options to make your own unique book a reality.

If you’re searching for inspiration please see the examples page to view books created with Tartan Pixie.

Pixie Vouchers

Pixie Vouchers are the perfect gift for anyone who’s got something to say, which is everyone because we’ve all got something to say. What better way than with an experience and a book that is unique to them?

Give your family and friends Pixie Vouchers for a fun and exclusive gift.

Text, Graphics & More

Tartan Pixie isn’t just for photographs. We can incorporate stories, poems or histories if you want to express yourself through writing, or we can place captions and comments throughout the book if that is your desire. If you want your book purely for e-publishing we can even add videos, audio, flash and many other electronic enhancements.

E Publishing

It doesn’t stop at printing books either. We can format your book for i-pads, e-readers like kindle and all other major electronic formats. This makes it really easy to share your book with family and friends instantly no matter where they are in the world.

Publishing & Self Publishing

In conjunction with our partners Tartan Pixie can provide a full range of services for self publishers and industry professionals alike.

We have experience with every aspect of making books as well as multimedia services including cover design, typography, photography, printing at large and small volumes plus other skillsets.

All enquiries welcome.