Example Books

The galleries below show books made by Tartan Pixie. All our books are designed to the exact requirements of the authors through a process of close consultation which gives the author maximum creative control.

This method of placing the author at the heart of our work drives our flexibility in design, which combined with our wide range of print industry partners makes your book unique in a way that no other online provider can achieve.

Classic Hardcover - Approximate Cost £250

The above examples show a few of the many possible ways your photographs can be transformed in to a book.

At Tartan Pixie we use a range of print suppliers, so unlike other online book services you can choose any size or variety of book you desire. We will ensure it is printed to the highest quality and delivered to your door.

Fully Bespoke Design - Approximate Cost £2,000

Created as a family history to be passed down the generations this very special book has been crafted from cover to cover.

The author presented us with an archive of photographs, many of which were aged or damaged, some objects which required delicate handling when we photographed them and text in the form of word documents.

We brought the photographs back to life by using the latest software to remove marks left by time and sticky tape as well as returning the faded ink to its original vibrancy. Old books were photographed sympathetically before being carefully returned to their owner.

When the author outlined his wishes for the cover image we did not go searching for stock photos, instead we found the correct location to take a photograph that is unique to the author and will never be used for anything else. All graphic elements such as the ‘brass plaque’ chapter headers and ‘brass on wood’ family trees were designed from scratch with guidance from the author.

All these elements were then brought together with a bespoke typographic layout that included font customisation. The book was then printed through a partner organisation using our paper specifications and the author was very happy with the result.

Novel or Academic Text - Approximate Cost £500

Be it the next Jane Austen or an academic work designed to pass information on to others a clarity of text and bespoke cover design will set you apart from the rest. We can also illustrate your book or design infographics if that is what you desire.

The approximate cost of £500 would cover a typographic layout, cover image and perhaps most importantly give you access to our consultation process which will help reduce costs and guide you towards the correct sales medium, ensuring you don’t end up with boxes full of unsold books.

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All images shown with permission from the authors.